Take Out / Pick Up Instructions & Information

To place a Take Out / Pick Up food order call us at 763.777.9481 Tuesday - Saturday from 4pm. One of our team members will take your order and payment over the phone. Orders may be placed in advance by emailing us at bktaphaus@gmail.com. Advance orders placed by email will be confirmed each by our team after 4pm. Please be patient with our team as the phone lines can become overwhelmed during prime dining hours.

We strongly recommend that our guests send an advanced order by email to bktaphaus.com. Guests should not presume their email order has been approved unless they have received a phone call from our team confirming the order and completing payment.

Enter the building to Pick Up your Take Out Orders

To Pick Up orders guests may park momentarily at the designated parking stall located on the back on the BK Tap Haus building in the shared parking lot with Main Street Farmer Eatery, Dittos Bar and Eating Elevated. There is a designated PICK UP ORDERS sign. If you wish to have your order brought out to your car please phone us upon arrival at 763.777.9481.

To-Go menu